Can Tarot Cards Ruin Relationships? Exploring the Truth Behind the Myths

Can Tarot Cards Ruin Relationships?

Can Tarot Cards Ruin Relationships? You’ve probably heard about tarot cards being used for centuries as a popular form of divination. They’re often associated with mysticism, magic, and fortune-telling. But did you know they can also be used for personal growth, self-discovery, and guidance? Many people, like yourself, use tarot cards to gain insights into their romantic, platonic, or familial relationships. However, you might have concerns about whether tarot cards can ruin relationships. 

In this article, we’ll explore the potential impact of tarot cards on relationships. We’ll look at common concerns and myths surrounding tarot cards and relationships and discover how healthy communication and responsible use can foster stronger connections. We’ll also provide you with important considerations and accountable practices for using tarot cards in relationships.

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Understanding Tarot Cards : Can Tarot Cards Ruin Relationships?

Before we delve into tarot cards and relationships, let’s first understand what they are and how they’re used.

Tarot cards consist of 78 cards divided into two groups: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards representing life’s major themes and archetypes, such as The Fool, The Lovers, The Wheel of Fortune, and The World. The Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards representing the minor aspects and details of life, such as the four suits of Cups, Wands, Swords, and Pentacles, each with 10 cards and four court cards.

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There are various types of tarot decks and spreads, each with its symbolism, meaning, and interpretation. Some of the most common tarot spreads are the Celtic Cross, the Three Card Spread, and the Relationship Spread. A tarot spread is a specific arrangement of cards to answer a question or explore a topic. The position and orientation of each card in the Spread determine its significance and relevance to the question or topic.

What are the Uses of Tarot Cards

When it comes to using tarot cards, it’s essential to note that they aren’t “magical” tools that can predict the future or manipulate reality. Instead, they’re symbols and prompts that can help you access your intuition, subconscious, and higher self.

Tarot cards can help you reflect on your past, present, and possible future, as well as your thoughts, feelings, and actions. They can also help you gain clarity, perspective, and guidance on various aspects of your life, including your relationships. So, while you shouldn’t rely on tarot cards as the only solution to life’s problems, they can be a helpful tool for self-reflection and personal growth.

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Potential Concerns Regarding Tarot Cards and Relationships

Tarot cards can be useful and enjoyable for exploring your relationships, but they pose potential concerns and challenges. Here are some of the common issues that may arise when using tarot cards for relationship advice:


Tarot cards offer suggestions and possibilities, but they need to provide definite answers. Interpretation depends on the reader, deck, question, and context. Misinterpretation is common, especially when biased, emotional, or inexperienced. 

This can cause unnecessary worry or confusion. For instance, drawing The Tower card, symbolizing sudden change or crisis, might wrongly indicate relationship doom. Instead, it could signify growth or renewal chances.


Tarot cards don’t replace communication, trust, or responsibility. They’re not about dictating actions or feelings but delving into your inner wisdom and potential. Refrain from relying on them can diminish your agency, intuition, and judgment. It might impede open communication and erode trust in relationships. For instance, consulting cards excessively might lead to dependency and disregard for your partner’s input and needs.

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Negative interpretations

Tarot cards aren’t inherently good or bad; they’re neutral, reflecting the current energy and situation. However, your perceptions, expectations, and attitudes can make certain cards or spreads seem more favorable or unfavorable. Overemphasis on negative aspects may breed anxiety or self-fulfilling prophecies in relationships. 

For instance, drawing The Devil card, symbolizing temptation or bondage, might trigger fear of infidelity or unhealthy relationships. Yet, it could serve as a warning to self-reflect on your patterns and choices.

Can Tarot Cards Ruin Relationships?

Fostering Healthy Use of Tarot Cards in Relationships

Despite the potential concerns and challenges, tarot cards can also be beneficial and enjoyable for enhancing your relationships if used healthily and responsibly. Here are some ways to foster healthy use of tarot cards in relationships:

Open communication 

Open communication is crucial in any relationship. It involves respectfully expressing thoughts, feelings, and needs and empathetic listening to your partner. When seeking relationship advice from tarot cards, it’s important to communicate intentions, expectations, and interpretations with your partner. Respecting their beliefs, preferences, and boundaries regarding tarot is key.

For instance, before doing a tarot reading for the Relationship, you should seek your partner’s consent, involvement, and feedback, avoiding imposing your views or judgments on them.

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Focus on personal growth

Tarot cards serve primarily for self-exploration and understanding, revealing insights into your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and challenges. They help you spot areas for growth and development. In relationship advice, focusing on personal growth is vital rather than changing or controlling your partner. 

View the cards as guides, not rules, and take responsibility for actions and consequences. For instance, drawing The Hermit card, symbolizing solitude or wisdom, prompts reflection on your needs without blaming your partner for unhappiness.

Shared experience 

Tarot cards offer a fun way to bond with your partner and explore your connection. They deepen your understanding of each other’s traits and feelings, fostering support through challenges. When seeking relationship advice from tarot cards, view it as a shared experience, not a solo experience. 

Treat the cards as a conversation starter, not a final verdict, and follow up with meaningful dialogue and actions. For instance, drawing The Lovers card signifies love and harmony, prompting celebration of the Relationship and reaffirming commitment.

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Important Considerations and Responsible Practices

When using tarot cards for relationship advice, you should keep some important considerations and responsible practices in mind. These include:

Seek professional guidance

If you are new to tarot cards or have a complex or sensitive question, seeking guidance from an experienced tarot reader can be beneficial. A professional tarot reader can help you choose the right deck, spread, question, and provide an accurate, unbiased, and ethical interpretation. 

They can also help you understand the cards’ nuances, context, and implications and offer practical and constructive advice. However, it is important to be careful while choosing a tarot reader. Always look for a reputable, trustworthy, and qualified tarot reader, and avoid falling for scams, frauds, or manipulations.

Maintain healthy boundaries

Tarot cards should not be considered a substitute for professional counseling, therapy, or medical treatment. They are not intended to provide a definitive diagnosis, prescription, or solution. Tarot cards do not offer a guarantee, warranty, or contract and should not be considered as permission, obligation, or justification. 

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Tarot cards should not be used as a weapon, tool, or excuse. They reflect suggestions or possibilities, and you should maintain healthy boundaries between them and your personal, professional, or legal matters. It is also important to respect your partner’s boundaries, avoid forcing, coercing, or pressuring them to use or accept tarot cards, and refrain from violating their privacy, consent, or autonomy.

Focus on constructive communication.

Tarot cards can be a useful tool for improving communication with your partners. However, they should never be used as a substitute for communication. Instead, they should be seen as catalysts that can help you initiate, facilitate, or enhance your communication. For effective communication, you need to be honest, respectful, empathetic, and compassionate. 

It is equally important to communicate clearly, consistently, and frequently and avoid ambiguity, contradiction, or silence. With these principles, you can build constructive communication that strengthens your relationships.

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FAQs About Can Tarot Cards Ruin Relationships?

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about tarot cards and relationships:

Can tarot cards predict the future of my Relationship? 

Tarot cards cannot predict the future of your Relationship or any other aspect of your life. They can only reflect the present moment, the current energy, and the potential outcomes based on your actions and choices. 

The future is not predetermined but rather influenced by many factors, such as free will, chance, and change. Tarot cards can help you explore the possibilities and probabilities of your future, but they cannot tell you what will happen for sure.

What if my partner doesn’t believe in tarot cards? 

It’s okay if your partner doesn’t believe in tarot cards or has beliefs different from yours as long as you respect each other’s boundaries and differences. You can still use tarot cards for yourself but don’t force them onto your partner or expect them to participate.

Understanding each other’s perspectives without trying to convince or convert them is important. You can also find different ways to connect and communicate with your partner besides tarot cards.

How can I positively use tarot cards for my Relationship?

To use tarot cards positively in your Relationship, apply the tips and practices mentioned earlier, such as open communication and focusing on personal growth.

Also, ensure shared experiences, seek professional guidance, set healthy boundaries, and maintain constructive communication. 

Final Thoughts On Can Tarot Cards Ruin Relationships?

In conclusion, tarot cards are an interesting and influential tool that can assist you in obtaining insights and guidance on different areas of your life, including your relationships. However, using them carefully and responsibly is important, as they can also cause potential issues and challenges. 

Therefore, you should utilize tarot cards thoughtfully and respectfully while maintaining open and healthy communication, trust, and understanding within your relationships. This approach can lead to stronger, deeper, and more fulfilling partnerships.

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